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Service...It's What We Do!

Service...It's What We Do!

Personalized service. It isn't something that you expect to receive much of these days. Today is the first day of the new toll system on the Golden Gate personalized service at all. Just drive through the toll booth, and somehow you will pay your toll. Of course, you can't ask anybody about the confusion when you get to the Toll Booth, because there won't be anybody to ask. You can't ask for directions or assistance. With all of today's modern technological advances, personalized service is becoming something of the past. And that's not always a good thing.

We must be old-fashioned then! We believe in personalized service, and helping our customers the best way that we know how. If you would like us to repair your NuTone intercom, you will find out what we mean. When you complete our on-line service request form, you provide us with some basic information about your system. After we review the information, we will pick up the telephone and call you to discuss your particular situation, and how we will be able to help you. We will answer your questions. So, don't be surprised when you get a call, it's our way providing personalized service!

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Wally Flex...Your New Butler


The Wally Flex Auxiliary Hose...Click here to learn more about quick clean-ups!




Cyclo Vac Products at Northside Service

Its been just 10 weeks since we became a Cyclo Vac Dealer for the greater San Francisco Bay Area and so far our customers really like the quality and selection that Cyclo Vac offers in its product line.

The Cyclo Vac hoses are simply a higher quality product with a easy to hold handle that doesn't seem flimsy like it will break if you drop it on the floor.

The Cyclo Vac hose are available in many different lengths, some as long as 50 feet.

I have posted a review of the Cyclo Vac Power Units and we have 3 projects under way which will all have Cyclo Vac Power Units.  The 3 projects are all very different, 1 is a 7000 square foot new construction project that will use the largest 240 volt, twin motor power unit that Cyclo vac makes, the HX7515.

The 2nd project a a small 1200 square foot remodel with just 3 inlets.  This system will have a GS95 power unit along with a low-voltage hose and deluxe tool set.

The 3rd project is a 2800 ranch style home remodel.  This installation will have HX615, which is on special from Cyclo vac until June.




Do you live out of the area and need your NuTone intercom repaired?

Good News! You have come to the right place!

Of course, you will have a little bit of homework to do, but we can help you with that. So, we ask that you contact us first so that we can evaluate your particular system. You can complete our Intercom Repair Request Form, which will give us much needed information regarding your system and the problems that you are experiencing. If on-line forms aren't your thing, you can send us an e-mail or give us a call at (925) 743-8236. Whichever way works best for you is fine, but we are still going to have some questions that you will need to answer.

We repair and refurbish older NuTone intercom systems by replacing all of the damaged, worn and potentially faulty components. We examine boards, and make repairs where necessary. We don't replace one faulty part and send everything back to you. This is a complete refurbishment that should prolong the life of your system. Of course, we can only evaluate, repair and test the equipment that we have in hand. That's why you will have to do some homework and answer some questions.

Keep in mind that not all intercom repair centers are the same. We have been a Factory Authorized NuTone Service Center since 1988 and have over twenty-five years of field service experience going to customer's homes and solving a wide variety of intercom system problems.


Trick or treat! Is your doorbell working?

It's that time of year, again. Summer is over, fall is here, and whether you are ready or not, the holidays are fast approaching. But, before it's time for turkey, there are plenty of  Halloween festivities to enjoy.  Carving jack-O-Lanterns, decorating your home, visiting the Danville Arts and Crafts Festival, and other fall traditions are just around the corner.

But, when the trick-or-treaters show up to your front door, will you be ready? Is your doorbell working? Do you have a sign on your door that says "Please Knock. Doorbell Not Working". Isn't it time to do something about it?

If your doorbell isn't working, and you don't know where to turn, why not give us a call. We can help diagnose the problem, and schedule a service call, if necessary. We have plenty of experience and should be able to get your doorbell up and running, just in time to greet those trick-or-treaters!