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NuTone Entry Door Stations - Does Your Door Chime Ring Every Time?

Everyone says that first impressions are very important.  

When someone walks up to your front door, what kind of impression does your NuTone Entry Door Intercom Speaker make?

If it's more than 10 years old, it's look probably leaves a lot to be desired and it may not actually work any longer.  Any Intercom Station that is mounted on the exterior of a home takes quite a beating over the years with all of the sun, wind and rain.  The paper speaker cones slowly weather away and the contacts inside the Door Chime Push Buttons become corroded and its operation becomes intermittent.

I can't tell you how many times I've had customers tell me that their door chimes will work if you know exactly how to push the button "just right". . . 

To address some of the most common problems with NuTone Door Speakers, I'm starting a series of YouTube Videos that will cover the basic tasks of repairing and replacing existing door speakers.

My first Video covers NuTone Models IS67D and IS69PB (the 2 most popular models) and I show how simple it is to replace the original Door Chime Push Button.


The next Video will cover how to replace the Intercom Speaker Cone in these models.

If you need a replacement NuTone PB18LWHCL Door Chime Push Button, contact us. 


see allof our YouTube videos here



Backup Batteries in your NuTone Radio Intercom Master Station

Starting with the NuTone Model IM4006 most Radio Intercom Master Stations have Backup Battery packs.

The purpose of the Backup Batteries are to maintain the Digital Clock settings and the Radio Station Presets.  The batteries do not have anything to do with how the Intercom Systems Operates and the systems will operate normally even with the Battery Pack removed.

Since the earliest model that used a Backup battery was made in 1986 (almost 30 years a go) most of theses Backup Batteries are well beyond their useful life and they no longer can hold a charge.  These types of batteries can leak corrosive chemicals once they have reached their end-of-life and the chemicals can cause damage to other parts of the NuTone Master Station.

Replacement Battery Packs used to be available from NuTone, but they have been discontinued.  Even though the lack of a working Backup Battery will not affect the operation of your system, it is annoying to have to reset the clock and radio presets every time the power goes off.

Since the Battery Packs were made specifically for NuTone, they are not commonly available from other sources.  The real challenge in finding a replacement Battery Pack is finding one that will fit into the allotted space inside the Master Station.

After many attempts we have found the necessary parts to construct new Backup Battery Packs that will fit into the space where the original packs were installed.

Here is a short Video showing our new Backup Batteries can be used in existing NuTone Radio intercom Master Stations.

Installing the new battery pack is easy and we include a new restraing strap which is longer to make installing the Battery easier.

You can contact our office to order your Battery Pack.

Please remember that the old battery should not be throw out in the trash, it should be taken to a proper locations that recycles batteries.


Repairing NuTone Intercom Systems - How Many Have We Completed? - How Things have Changed

The NuTone Intercom Repair Business is Booming.

In our little corner of the NuTone Universe business is very busy.  We are contacted everyday by homeowners who are looking for someone to Repair their NuTone Intercom equipment.  A common thread that runs through many peoples stories is how difficult it is finding someone that doesn't just want to sell them a new system

People tell me how they are told that "it's to old to fix", "they don't make parts for it any more", "those types of electronics are no longer made". These types of statements are simply not true.   If someone has an interest in repairing Vintage NuTone Intercoms, it can be done.

In 2014 we had 396 NuTone Intercom Master Station sent into us for repair.  Out of all of those sets, only 2 were beyond economical repair and for those customers we found replacement Master Stations and rebuilt those for them. 

While the majority of the repairs are on models made between 1984 and 2008, we do have many Master Stations sent in that date from the late 1950's through the late 1970's.

So far this year we are running about 10% ahead of last year and we are just coming into the busiest time of year.  We have created a You Tube Channel for our on-line Videos, which help our customers with the task of removing their Master Stations for repair.  We have an article on this site that shows how to package the Master Station for shipment so it doesn't get damaged.  We are constantly buying NOS and used NuTone Intercom equipment so we have the parts we need to repair the sets that are sent into us.

Thanks to Cindy, we have a reorganized our parts and electroinc modules storgae, which makes finding what I'm looking for so much easier.

While everything is constantly growing, I refuse to compromise the level and quality of work I do on my repairs.  It may be very old-school, but if my name goes on any repair, it will be done properly, period.

Thanks to everyone who has trusted use with your equipment.




Video Index for Instructional Videos about Repairing NuTone Intercom Systems

As the number of Instructional Videos grows, keeping them organized and easy for visitors to find is more and more important.  I've shuffeled things around a bit and I've created a Master Index / Link page for all of the current and future Videos.

This Videos on this page will be sorted by the Model Number of each NuTone Intercom System.

I hop this will make it easier for everyone to find the information they are looking for.

Here is a LINK to the Video Index Page

I am interested in your ideas and comments on the Videos.

Use this link to email me about the Videos.

Go to our YouTube Channel


Does your NuTone Patio Speaker Station still work after all these years?

From the very beginning in the 1950's, NuTone offered outdoor Patio Speakers for their Radio Intercom Systems. The earliest Patio Stations were slightly modified Entry Door Stations with a very small 3-1/2” diameter speaker cone.

In the early 19060's NuTone began to sell larger Patio Stations which had a 5” diameter speaker cones and the Deluxe 2-piece Patio Station, included a small wall mounted Intercom Remote Control which was connect to a large, separate 8” diameter wall mounted speaker.

As new models were introduced, so were new and better designed Patio Stations. Even with the better designs, all Patio Stations have one common problem, they're located outdoors in the weather.

Sun, Rain, Snow and Wind take their toll on the paper in the Speaker Cones and sooner or later the speakers will stop working. Since NuTone Intercom Systems use speaker cones with special impedance ratings, which are matched to the system they are used in, you really can't just go out and buy any old speaker cone to replace the failed original. You need an original Genuine NuTone Part.

The problem with finding a genuine NuTone Replacement Patio Speaker Cone has always been the same, since outdoor Patio Stations are the first to wear out, any remaining stock of a discontinued model is the first to be used up. An added twist to this problem is that recently NuTone has discontinued manufacturing replacement speaker cones used in all models made between 1972 through 2008. Any remaining stock of Patio Speakers cones is already gone, so what should we do?

We will make our own Patio Speaker Cones.

The only difference between an “Inside Speaker Cone” and a “Patio Speaker Cone” is that the patio Speaker Cone has been treated to protect the paper cone in the speaker from Sun, Rain, Snow and Wind.

Protecting the paper cone is easy. We use a product called “The Wet Look” which is specifically designed to protect the paper cones from the elements and help them to last longer.


Here you can see a pair of standard 5” diameter NuTone inside speaker cones, these are both 25 ohm speakers, which are used in many models of NuTone Radio Intercom Systems made between 1972 and 2008. If you put one of these untreated speaker cones into a Patio Station out doors, it will likely last just 2-3 years before the weather rots the paper away.

Applying The Wet Look is easy, it's just brushed carefully onto the surface of the paper cone, making sure that all of the folds and creases are cover.

Let application dry over night and then apply a second coat. After it is thoroughly dried, install the treated speaker cone into your Patio Station.

If your NuTone Radio Intercom System has a deluxe 2-piece Patio Station, you will need a replacement 8” diameter Speaker Cone.


Here is a new 8” diameter NuTone 25 ohm Speaker Cone ready to be treated with The Wet Look.

Red Arrow is the treat side - Blue Arrow is the untreated side

You can see the difference once one-half of the speaker cones has been treated.


If you look carefully, you can see that with just one coat of The Wet Look, the coating looks blotchy in some areas. This is why 2 coats is needed to really protect the paper cone.

The Wet Look is commonly available to buy from many sources on-line and it's inexpensive. However a 4 oz. Jar is enough to coat between 25 and 30 speaker cones, many more than the average homeowner will ever have to do.

Since there is a real need for treated NuTone Patio Speaker Cones, we keep them in stock. Not just for our customers who send in equipment for repair, but for anyone who needs one. We don't charge any extra for the treatment of The Wet Look, we just charge for the Speaker Cone.

If you need a treated Genuine NuTone Patio Speaker Cone, contact us and we will send one to you.


NEXT UP: How to turn an “Inside Remote Station” into a “Patio Remote Station” . . . it's quite easy. . . really