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Do you have a NuTone intercom problem or does it need repair?

For the past few months I have been working on the Common Repair and Service section of this web site.  The response from our viewers has been very positive and a lot of visitors have downloaded copies of Service Manuals and Owners Manuals.

I have added a contact page called Ask a NuTone Intercom System Service Question.  Here you can email me questions regarding your particular intercom problem and issues.  Please be as specific as you can be and always include your systems Model Number.

I'm interested in hearing from our vistitors as to what topics, pictures or how-to videos you would like to see on our site.  Please email me your ideas.

Soon I will be adding a picture gallery which will help you to identify what equipment you have.  I have a huge library of vintage NuTone catalogs and literature and I think it wil be interesting to see how things were back in the day.




How would that look in my home?

Most of the time Broan & NuTone products are sold either in big-box stores or electrical wholesale warehouses, places that most consumers don't like to visit or can't buy from.  Our original store was kind of a mix between the two.

I had an idea for a long time that our customers would like to be able to see the products they were looking for in a setting more like their homes.  This idea grew into a new design for our display panels.

I have envisioned and designed each display area to represent a different and unique home setting.  This allows our customers to see what a product looks like in a real setting.   Gone are the pre-made display panels featuring odd colors and signage, they have been replaced with surfaces that you might have in your own home. Textured wall panels, ceramic and glass tile, marble and stone and stucco for outside items.

The store has taken on a definite Arts & Crafts look with dark wood accents and color pallets from a warm point of view.

As we continue to build out our store, we are looking for new and complementary items that round out our new look.  We are focusing on handmade useful and beautiful items from local crafts people.




The new showroom is taking shape

Over that past few weeks the new showroom is really starting to take shape.  I have been building new display panels for the most popular items first.  I have completed the displays for the NuTone Radio Intercom systems.  The new display panels feature the NM200 master station mounted in a tile back splash made of ceramic, stone and glass tiles.  The entry door and patio stations are displayed on stucco wall panels and the inside remote speakers show up well on their heavy Spanish style wall texture.



Northside Service Company becomes Northside. . . for your home

Renewing a business is an important task that must be done periodically if the business is going to stay relevant. It had been at least 10 years since anything really changed at Northside. The showroom was old and dated, the office was cluttered and not very functional, inventory was stuffed in here and there. Parking was always a problem, so much so that when I would come back from a day of service calls and I couldn't find a parking place for my van. It was definitely time for a change.

In June we happened to find the perfect new location. It's a well cared for building just down the street from the original store, it has plenty of parking and good foot traffic. It was decided after just one meeting with the property owner that this new space would work well. The lease was signed and we haven't looked back.

We decided that with the new location a new look was needed for the store. Our new showroom displays the Broan and NuTone products as they look when they are installed in your home. This gives customers a better idea of how things look when a project is completed.

We also decided to search out small manufactures for specialty items that compliment the Broan and NuTone products that we have always sold. Handmade decorative electrical plates, handmade lighted house numbers and handmade door bell push buttons will be the first of these new items.

Many of the new artisan items will have a Craftsman or Art Nouveau feel to them. These styles are very complimentary to each other and create a real comfortable feeling in any home. These styles harken back to a time when quality and craftsmanship meant a lot. Everyone needs the day-to-day items like exhaust fans and range hoods and medicine cabinets, but we also need those special items to create a sense of style in our homes. One of the goals for the new store is to find those well made specialty items that add the finishing touch to every project.

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