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Common Problems with the new NuTone NM Series of Radio Intercom Systems.


NuTone NM Series Radio Intercoms are Generating more Question 

Over the past year we are being asked more and more questions regarding NuTone NM Series of Radio Intercoms.

Most of these questions are about what seem to be common problems that we have seen since the NM Series was introduced. 

Since it is very likely that the NM Series wil be replaced with newer models some time in the Fall of 2017, it seems like a good time to begin building the technical knowledge base for the NM Series.  Since there are no technical documents or service information for the NM100 or NM200, it will be up to us to create this information.

I have begun this process and I have created a new YouTube Playlist for the NuTone NM100 and NM200 Series.

Initially there will be 3 Videos:

Video #1:  An Overview of the NM100 Master Station

Video #2:  A Tear Down of the Circuit Boards in the NM100

Video #3:  An Attempted Repair of the Backlight Failure on a NM100



Just a few problems seem to be common with the NuTone NM Series Intercom

The NuTone NM Series of radio intercoms are still fairly new and for the most part they have been trouble free.  

We be seeing what might be the beginning of some common problems with both the NM100 and NM200 Master Stations.

As most people know, the NuTone NM series is a rebranded M&S Systems DMC1 and DMC3-4.  The only differences between the two brands are cosmetic changes that were designed by NuTone to give the NM series a broader appeal.

Getting a handle on the NM series is a challenge because NuTone has decided to keep the technical information in-house and all repairs on the equipment will be done at NuTone's repair facility.

The 2 most common problems we have seen on the NM series are:

1.  The LCD display on the master stations will gradually fade out over the course of a few months until it becomes unreadable.  On the units I have replaced (under warranty) they still had information displayed on the LCD panel, but it was so dimly lit that I had to cup my hands around the screen to see anything.

2.  I have seen 3 NM series master stations which had an odd operational problem.  The NM series is a mono radio / intercom system, it has just one speaker in each location.  The system wide controls and adjustments are accessed through the "Tone" button on the master station.

The Tone "Menu" includes adjustments for:

Master Volume:   High/Lower

Loudness:   On/Off

Treble:    Up/Down

Bass:    Up/Down

Intercom Volume:    Up/Down

Music Level:    Higher/Lower

On the 3 malfunctioning units there were also adjustments for:

Balance:   Right/Left

And when the radio source was set to FM, the LCD display showed "Stereo" on the display.

These hidden menu options must be part of the firmware that controls the operations of the NM master station and somehow these options become activate.

The NM series does have both Right and Left channel Stereo inputs for the CD and Auxiliary inputs, perhaps there was initial going to be a system with a stereo option that never came about.

No one I have spoken with about this "stereo" situation seemed to know anything about it?