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Rebuilding a NuTone IM4006WH Master Station


Some Master Stations are just too nice to tear down to their parts. . .

Sometimes we get a really nice used vintage Master Station in the shop that just has to be rebuilt and given a new life in someone's home.

This IM4006WH was manufacture in 1990 and it was fully operational when it was removed during a remodel.  It is at least 99.85% like new and somewhere there's someone who can use it, so it on the bench it went to be completely serviced and rebuilt.

The first step was to verify that it actually worked correctly.  It was set up with a "mini system" which consists of 3) IS405 remote stations and a IS70 door speaker.  All of the functions and features were checked and it did work correctly.

The next step was to strip the IM4006 down completely.  The entire master station was disassembled and each board was checked and any bad or questionable components were replaced.

The Power Supply Board:

The Clock/Memory Board:

The Main Control Board:

The Intercom Control Board:

While each board was being rebuilt, the faceplate and all of the knobs were cleaned and washed, the cassette player was brushed and vacuumed.


Finally all of the parts and boards were reassembled onto the faceplate.

The speaker cone was mounted along with the backup battery, room control switch, selector switch and the clock/memory board.

Next came the AM/FM Tuner board.

The cassette player was mounted into the opening in the face plate and the insulated foil cover was placed over the clock/memory board.

The Intercom Control board in placed and most of the interconnecting cables were plugged into their sockets throughout the IM4006,

The Power Supply/Amplifier is mounted upside-down on its own aluminum bracket, which sits over the speaker cone.  The Main Control board fits onto the back of the aluminum bracket.  The last of the interconnection cables are now plugged in.

The faceplate doors were reattached and knobs were put back on along with the cassette player cover. This is a complete IM4006WH Master Station and it will include the Terminal Board, Display and Power Transformers and the mounting hardware.

The last step is the Final Operation testing, which you can see in my Video here.

This IM4006Wh is fantastic and is ready for a new home.  All we need is someone who wants it.  If you're interested in this IM4006WH, the price is $510.00 including shipping within the Continental United States.  

Please call or email us for more information.