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Maintain you vacuum and it will last forever. . almost

For the most part Central Vacuum Systems are trouble free and last for years and years. The most common problems are really caused by improper use and lack of common maintenance. The single most important thing a homeowner can do is change the bag before it's over full.

Most central vacuum tanks have bags that hold between 6 and 8 gallons. In a normal house the bag will last 7 to 9 months. If you have pets you can expect to use more bags. As the bag fills the suction and air flow decreases as does the effectiveness of the system. Ideally the bag should be changed when it's about 80% full. If you wait to long you risk of the dirt and debris escaping from the bag and making its way into the electric motor. This will ruin the motor and it can cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

I have always told my customers that bags are cheap and motors are expensive. Change your bags often and your power unit will last almost for ever.

One last tip: After changing the bag, you must replace the pail on the bottom of the tank. Without the pail in place the system is not sealed and no vacuum will be created. 

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