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A somewhat toasty NuTone 2057 / 2058 arrives at the shop

I remember when servicing NuTone intercoms with vacuum tubes was still fairly common, but now-a-days it's pretty rare to see these early models.

"A modern design in Copper or Silver Anodized finish with contrasting back border and dial-panel.  Separate FM and AM meter-type tuning bands.  Transistorized Intercom System with selector-switches for ten stations.  Rotary-Controls for volume and tuning, talk-listen switch for door answering are clearly marked. Superior tone for FM and AM radio.  Excellent voice-register for Intercom."

The 2057 (Silver) and 2058 (Copper) was the top-of-the-line model in 1962 and the retail price was $151.50.  I think that was a lot of money in 1962.

This 2058 was manufactured in 1962 and it comes from a nice custom home that must have been very swanky for its day.  

This 2058 has not worked for years and judging by the amount of dirt and dust build up, it may not have ever been removed from the wall housing since the day it was installed.

So far I have just cleaned it up enough to begin checking it out.  I have found 3 failed tubes and 1 broken tube.

With some thought and effort, this 2058 will play again and add back some of the swankiness to its home. 

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