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Backup Batteries in your NuTone Radio Intercom Master Station

Starting with the NuTone Model IM4006 most Radio Intercom Master Stations have Backup Battery packs.

The purpose of the Backup Batteries are to maintain the Digital Clock settings and the Radio Station Presets.  The batteries do not have anything to do with how the Intercom Systems Operates and the systems will operate normally even with the Battery Pack removed.

Since the earliest model that used a Backup battery was made in 1986 (almost 30 years a go) most of theses Backup Batteries are well beyond their useful life and they no longer can hold a charge.  These types of batteries can leak corrosive chemicals once they have reached their end-of-life and the chemicals can cause damage to other parts of the NuTone Master Station.

Replacement Battery Packs used to be available from NuTone, but they have been discontinued.  Even though the lack of a working Backup Battery will not affect the operation of your system, it is annoying to have to reset the clock and radio presets every time the power goes off.

Since the Battery Packs were made specifically for NuTone, they are not commonly available from other sources.  The real challenge in finding a replacement Battery Pack is finding one that will fit into the allotted space inside the Master Station.

After many attempts we have found the necessary parts to construct new Backup Battery Packs that will fit into the space where the original packs were installed.

Here is a short Video showing our new Backup Batteries can be used in existing NuTone Radio intercom Master Stations.

Installing the new battery pack is easy and we include a new restraing strap which is longer to make installing the Battery easier.

You can contact our office to order your Battery Pack.

Please remember that the old battery should not be throw out in the trash, it should be taken to a proper locations that recycles batteries.

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