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NuTone Entry Door Stations - Does Your Door Chime Ring Every Time?

Everyone says that first impressions are very important.  

When someone walks up to your front door, what kind of impression does your NuTone Entry Door Intercom Speaker make?

If it's more than 10 years old, it's look probably leaves a lot to be desired and it may not actually work any longer.  Any Intercom Station that is mounted on the exterior of a home takes quite a beating over the years with all of the sun, wind and rain.  The paper speaker cones slowly weather away and the contacts inside the Door Chime Push Buttons become corroded and its operation becomes intermittent.

I can't tell you how many times I've had customers tell me that their door chimes will work if you know exactly how to push the button "just right". . . 

To address some of the most common problems with NuTone Door Speakers, I'm starting a series of YouTube Videos that will cover the basic tasks of repairing and replacing existing door speakers.

My first Video covers NuTone Models IS67D and IS69PB (the 2 most popular models) and I show how simple it is to replace the original Door Chime Push Button.


The next Video will cover how to replace the Intercom Speaker Cone in these models.

If you need a replacement NuTone PB18LWHCL Door Chime Push Button, contact us. 


see allof our YouTube videos here


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