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We have Moved Into New - Larger Offices

After 25 Years in our home town of Danville, it was time for a change.

The world was a different place when I opened my first store 25 years ago in my home town of Danville.  The internet barely existed and my customers would visit the showroom where I displayed all sorts of NuTone products.  I was in that location for 21 years.

My first move was really just up the street and around the corner from my first store.  I felt that it was time to move to a location with better visibility and an updated design and look.  My second store was a real showplace and the new design was very well received by my customers.  Unfortunately the economy did appreciate my new store as much as everyone else did, and during our great recession it became obvious that it was time to make another change.

We moved upstairs and weathered out the next 3 years in a very nice, but somewhat small office. . . 

The decision to leave my home town of Danville was not necessarily easy, but it was the right choice.  In our new city of San Ramon (1.5 miles South of Danville) we were able to double the size of our offices at almost the same cost.

With the increased space, we will be able to increase the number of NuTone Intercoms we repair each year beyond the 400 or so we have completed in past years.

Everyone here has worked really hard to get the office up and running in just a weeks time, and finally the problem with getting our telephones transferred was sorted out yesterday, making us fully functioning again.

Here's a short walk through Video of our new offices.  We will be "fixing them up" over the next few months, to make them feel more like home.




Reader Comments (2)

Chris & Cindy we received the repaired NuTone power unit from you in USPS mail today. If the repair work is as good as packaging, it will be a successful venture for me and we will be glad to have it back in service. I could not reach you on the abbreviated version of your URL , but the long version put me right through. I do have a question. how do I arrange the sound tubes from left to right standing in front of the chime/clock housing. I did not tag them before removal and I am ashamed to admit it. If you can advise me, please do. As soon as transformer is replaced I will put the power unit in service.
Many thanks and I enjoyed your office video, I have a pool table from Golden West Billiards company in Los Angles, CA. Don't know how far that is from San Ramon. I will give you a report on functionality as soon as I get it installed.
Thanks again,
Bill McClellan

November 14, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterWilliam D. McClellan

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the kind words. The tubes are arranged with the longest on the left and then get progressively shorter moving to the right


November 15, 2016 | Registered CommenterCindy & Christopher

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