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Service. . . It's What We Do! 

Service...It's What We Do!

Personalized service. It isn't something that you expect to receive much of these days. Today is the first day of the new toll system on the Golden Gate personalized service at all. Just drive through the toll booth, and somehow you will pay your toll. Of course, you can't ask anybody about the confusion when you get to the Toll Booth, because there won't be anybody to ask. You can't ask for directions or assistance. With all of today's modern technological advances, personalized service is becoming something of the past. And that's not always a good thing.

We must be old-fashioned then! We believe in personalized service, and helping our customers the best way that we know how. If you would like us to repair your NuTone intercom, you will find out what we mean. When you complete our on-line service request form, you provide us with some basic information about your system. After we review the information, we will pick up the telephone and call you to discuss your particular situation, and how we will be able to help you. We will answer your questions. So, don't be surprised when you get a call, it's our way providing personalized service!


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Reader Comments (1)

Just a quick note to express my 'thanks' with a wonderful experience.

Over time our circa 1986 NuTone Intercom gradually degraded until it was no longer enjoyable to listen to the radio.

Even when the unit was turned off this thing would still give out a faint but noticeable hum or buzz through the speakers.

Replacing the unit with a newer model would have required rewiring the house as our 'original' installation was a 'three-wire' system and the newer units available now are a 'five-wire' system.

On eBay I did find a 'factory sealed' model that could be used to replace our OEM unit, but it would have required replacing the sheet metal wall mount, and an interface panel because the new unit is much smaller than our old unit, etc. Then there was the cost of the unit itself. Just the master control panel was priced at 'buy it now' for about $1,100 - a few others that were available were even more expensive.

So, a quick Google search looking for a 'repair service' led me to Northside Service Company (Danville, CA). On the web site, Chris (the owner) describes the normal repair for this audio hum is by simply replacing some 10 capacitors and a few diodes.

I called Chris and we chatted a bit and in a matter of minutes I was convinced that having our unit 'rebuilt' was the answer. I told Chris I was going to bring the next day. But, in a matter of minutes I had the unit off the wall, in a box and drove to their office to drop it off. This was right before the Memorial Day holiday and it was ready to be picked up the end of the following week.

When I picked up my unit, Chris handed me a bag full of capacitors - some 35 of them! Certainly more than the 10 that I thought he would replace. Chris had replaced each and every capacitor on all of the circuit boards and 'cleaned up' the unit to boot. I went home and 15 minutes later we were 'good as new'.

THIS is the place you want to go to have your NuTone repaired, refurbished or rebuilt and save you some money too. Check out this place before going anywhere else . . . And if you still have doubts, least, give Chris a call and talk to him first.

Frank Zanger

May 29, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterFrank Zanger

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